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Powered by talented and passionate people working hard on democratizing the cloud, Scaleway, the 2nd leading European infrastructure cloud provider, is a multicultural company, rapidly growing into a global brand. We are present in 160 countries, with more than 300 employees of 18 nationalities.

We are a cloud computing pioneer delivering the innovative capabilities of modern multi cloud, covering a full spectrum of services for professionals: public cloud services with Scaleway Elements, private infrastructures and colocation with Scaleway Datacenter and bare Metal infrastructures with Scaleway Dedibox.

We place people at the heart of our purpose as an enabler of the internet. Our organization encourages responsibility, autonomy, commitment and thought leadership from our collaborators. Our premises are open spaces, conducive to exchange and interaction between individuals.

We believe it is our responsibility to be a positive force in society and to collectively design new systems for a better future. We want to increase access to the digital and technology industry. As our business scales, the customers we serve are increasingly diverse and global. Giving them an unbeatable experience is central to our business strategy. To better understand our customers and partners, we need a workforce that’s as diverse as they are.
Our Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) strategy is a strategic asset for nurturing our future business growth, highly visible to our customers and partners. Scaleway has committed to take a proactive approach to develop the rich skills and competencies of all our workforce and to open up professional opportunities in creative and flexible ways, so that we can truly enjoy the rewards of working in a highly diverse, inclusive and global team, no matter the gender, religious beliefs or ethnicity.

Join a community of more than 300 passionate people and become part of a growing company rooted in the world of tomorrow.

Le poste

Fondée en 1999, Scaleway est la filiale cloud du groupe Iliad, l’un des leaders des télécommunications en Europe. Notre mission est de favoriser une industrie numérique plus responsable en aidant les développeurs et les entreprises à créer, déployer et adapter des applications à n'importe quelle infrastructure.

Depuis nos bureaux situés à Paris et à Lille, nous perfectionnons quotidiennement l'écosystème cloud de Scaleway, dont nous sommes les premiers utilisateurs.

Nos quelques 25 000 clients nous choisissent pour notre redondance multi-AZ, notre expérience-utilisateur fluide, nos datacenters neutres en carbone ainsi que nos outils natifs de gestion d'architectures multi-cloud. Nos produits incluent des solutions entièrement gérées pour le bare metal, la conteneurisation et les architectures serverless, offrant ainsi un choix responsable dans le domaine du cloud computing.

Rejoignez notre équipe dynamique de près de 600 collaborateurs venant de divers horizons, dans un environnement stimulant et international alliant excellence technique, créativité et partage.

About the job

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our Bare Metal team. The scope covered by the job is broad as you will be in charge not only of maintaining our Dedibox solution in working order but also in participating in the R&D for the new Elastic Metal solution.
Are you ready to define and strengthen cloud services that will make developers' lives easier and improve their efficiency?
This is a unique opportunity to join Scaleway and help scale the ecosystem of our core cloud products.

Profil recherché

  • Tech skills:
  • Languages: PHP/Symfony
  • Databases: MySQL, Redis
  • Notion of queuing: RabbitMQ
  • Monitoring: Prometheus, Grafana
  • Soft skills:
  • Peer reviews
  • Team spirit and mutual aid
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Autonomy and rigour

  • Tech skills:
  • Languages: Go is a plus
  • API: gRPC
  • Container orchestration: Nomad, Kubernetes
  • OS: GNU/Linux Debian & Ubuntu, CentOS, ESXi, Windows Server, etc.
  • Soft skills:
  • Very good command of English
  • Knowledge of the Bare Metal and cloud ecosystems
  • Teamwork on features, design, and implementation
  • Agile methods

  • You will be part of the Bare Metal team, where we all have various backgrounds and a wide range of skills. Every team member shares their knowledge, so that everyone can improve their skills in all areas, languages, architectures, etc. In return, be prepared to do the same :)

    As we are spread across both our "Maisons" (Paris and Lille) and remote locations, team communication is key, so we use modern collaborative solutions to keep ourselves up to date on all the topics we're working on.

  • Work on a solution that was built in-house, from the ground up. You will never be alone; on the contrary, you will work side by side with experts on the platform
  • Review code contributed by other team members
  • Find the right balance between elegance and time-to-market for our solutions
  • We're neither dogmatic nor kludgy, and our framework should reflect that
  • Collaborate with colleagues from other areas: SREs, Platform team, front-end developers, customer success technicians, compliance officers, database experts, internal helpdesk, Trust and Safety team, sales, bookkeepers, internal auditors
  • Manage products, users, offers
  • Optimize systems for performance, scalability, resiliency, and maintainability
  • Automate the production of insights from the trove of data we are sitting on
  • Give back to the community by contributing to open-source projects
  • Use the internal platform solutions (queuing, monitoring, etc.)

  • Location
    This position is based in our offices in Paris or Lille (France)
    Recruitment Process  
    Screening call - 30 mins with the recruiter 
    Manager Interview - 45 mins
    Technical Interviews 
    HR Interview - 45 mins
    Head of Interview - 45 mins
    Offer sent - 48 hours

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